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Wayne Clements came to the Green Party like so many others During the Federal Election in 2004 , he was at a loss of who to vote for. After thoroughly researching all the political parties, Wayne chose to support the Green Party of Canada. On the website for the Green Party of Canada (www.greenparty.ca) Wayne discovered that the Green Party was about much more than the environment. He found an election platform, that was a well thought out, thorough plan addressing many issues, including health care, the justice system and the economy.

As a small business owner, Wayne found the Green Party’s emphasis on a balanced budget and lowering income taxes in favour of increased tax on non-green consumption, very appealing. As the son of a cancer survivor father, and a mother who died after years of mounting medication for various ailments, Wayne recognizes the need for more emphasis on prevention. Given the soaring costs of health care, especially in the area of pharmaceuticals, he also sees the need for acceptance in the health care system for less costly alternatives such as chiropractic and alternative or complementary health care options.

As a father to three girls, Wayne is concerned that the current pace of life does not leave time for parents to spend quality time with their children and applauds the Green Party’s goal of gradually reducing the work week to 35 hours. As a humanitarian Wayne agrees with the Green Party, that the current path we are on (unbridled economic growth, depletion of natural resources, destruction of our farm land and pollution of land, air and water) is not sustainable. Unless we take action soon, we (and our children) are in for some very troubled times ahead. Wayne agrees the time for Action is now; and is pleased to represent the Green Party as the only choice for a sustainable Canadian future.

Wayne Clements lives in the riding of Don Valley East. See www.wayneclements.ca.  www.wayneclements.blogspot.ca

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